Why we created ‘what’s your purpose?’

We love our job and the opportunity it brings to work with diverse groups of people helping them put power into their brands. Having worked with organisations big and small, new and established from all around the world, we know that getting your brand definition right is the first step to success. It just makes life easier, simpler and saves you money. We think that every organisation should start with a well thought through brand definition.

But there’s the rub. Brand consultants cost money.

A few years ago we worked with a medium sized not-for-profit helping them to reinvigorate their brand. Their ambition was far bigger than their budget and it set us thinking. How could we make the whole brand development programme affordable to everyone, not just those with the deepest pockets?

We want every brand to be the best it can possibly be so we thought hard about how we could share our expertise and experience with many more organisations at an affordable price.

We wriggled away at the problem and ultimately our toolkit ‘what’s your purpose?’ was born. It does what it says on the tin – it allows everyone to create their own unique brand definition effectively themselves, skipping the need to pay expensive consultants.

You get the results you need and save money – what’s not to like?